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The Ramifications of Activist Journalism in Finland…….

The Tundra Tabloids has recently come across two Finnish blogs that are the handiwork of a couple of far left-wing activists, currently visiting Israel and the PA administered territories. I find that having since engaged in a few intellectual exchanges with these bloggers, an anonymous loose cannon has been unleashed.

This anonymous commenter, who (laughably) insists that I’m full of hate, chose not to engage in any meaningful exchange of opinions ect., but to hurl ad hominem attacks that accuse this blogger of being “stupid”, “infantile” and of “senseless hatred towards Muslims, Arabs”. Of course, nothing could be more further from the truth.

I doubt that Dan Koivulaakso or Laura Tuominen are personally behind the attacks, it’s most likely one of their devoted followers who can’t muster up the intellectual courage to defend their position in a reasonable, mature way. Actually, when one receives the label of “racist” straight away –and especially in a personal attack– it means that the position of victim of the attack is unassailable. In other words, my attacker’s position didn’t have a leg to stand on….so I won.

I had waited to see if the blogger Dan, at the Meckin mietteitä blogspot, would publish my response to his post –about Israel (A Place Rotten Through and Through) in the comments, and since he hasn’t I’ll post it here. Dan disparages Israel for every evil he can think of, though all of what he writes is either out of context or conforms to the Palestinian narrative, with the latter being the sole product of the imagination.

Dan in all honesty, your explanations to my comments I left in the “Jenin” post, falls under the heading of: “everything happens within a bubble”. First of all, any Israeli Arab has the RIGHT to move, travel in any part of Israel, including Jerusalem. Arabs who are not Israeli citizens but need to travel in all sectors of the city have different passes. Those Arabs who are NOT Israeli citizens, of course are issued other kinds of documents. Each country has the absolute right to determine its own requirements for foreigners and guest workers ect., Finland is no different.

Yes Israel closed three Hamas campaign offices in Jerusalem, but then again, Hamas by its very nature as a hostile entitey towards Israel, according to the Oslo agreements as well as the Road Map, should not have been allowed to participate in the elections at all. Another candidates arrested were due to not having the proper permits, those that did, were free to campaign in E.Jerusalem.

Again, your apartheid claim is completely off track. Israel does not involve itself with anything of the kind that you allude to. But….the Hamas did find Fattah’s torture chambers, as well as Fattah members finding out what it feels like to fly off the balcony of a 15th story window. Israel has people incarcerated due to criminal activity, not for political opinions. Period.

This on’e a hoot:

“Se, etta Israelinarabit eivat kay armeijaa, uskonnon sisaltyminen hallintoon ja lukuisat Israelin armeijan tekemat ihmisoikeusloukkaukset tayttavat siis hyvinkin Apartheidin maaritelmat.” That Israeli Arabs do not go to the army, religion a part of the government and countless IDF violations of human rights fulfill the requirements for apartheid”

Entirely untrue. Israeli Arabs ARE IN FACT in the IDF, unless you count Druze and Bedouin Arabs as …not being Israeli Arabs. Israel has the right to define itself as a Jewish state, who are you to say otherwise? Or is this another example of non-Jews telling Jews what they can and can not be, and if they don’t tow the line, they will have hell to pay for it? I thought the Allied Forces were victorious in the 40’s over that line of reasoning?

When it comes to “resistance”, the euphemism for indiscriminate terrorist mayhem and murder, every state has the right to defend itself from such thuggery and barbarism, Israel is no different.

His fellow traveler, Laura Tuominen, has equally entrenched opinions about Israel as well. The opinions these tow people hold, are in part, the product of the reporting by journalists here in Finland, like for an example Hannu Reime. The YLE journalist actually admitted to me that

“I have nothing against that kind of epithet (activist journalist) but there are two caveats: “activist” is a far too honorable and pompous characterization of my humble journalism, and I’m “pro-Palestinian” ONLY in the same sense that I was “pro-Timorese” during the Indonesian occupation of the former Portuguese Timor.”

Al Avai observes: This is fascinating! One unwitting parallel is what has happened in East Timor since their independence. The promise of an independent state with a stable, democratic government has been unmet, and it remains in a fairly desperate situation with much less than democratic rule. Also, by making that comparison he is saying that Israel has no claim to any of the land that might be defined as “Palestinian.” So how does he (Reime) define Palestine?

With the Finnish left following the lead of well known socialist, cosmopolitan journalists such as Hannu Reime, it doesn’t surprise me that Finnish “peace activists” like Dan Koivulakso and Laura Tuominen hold such warped views of Israel. *L* KGS


I had given the benifit of the doubt to both radical Finnish leftists, Dan Koivulakso and Laura Tuominen, that they were not the ones behind the two minutes of hate left in the Tundra Tabloids comment section. It appears that I shouldn’t have been so good willed. Dan Koivulakso left the following:

“Dear KGS, I do not publish unfactual accounts containing completely different views than my own without having time to comment on them. As also Laura commented, your islamophobic racist agenda makes debating with you impossible, and I see it best we do not continue this. I wish you the poorest of luck in your hatebreeding. “

Interesting. An emotionally crippled response if there ever was one. I wonder which “nonfactual accounts” of mine he is referring to? It couldn’t be the one about Israeli Arabs (Druze and Bedouin) forming a portion of the IDF, contrary to Dan’s assertions, could it? Or that the UN agreed that no massacre in Jenin occurred, contrary to Laura’s assertions could it?

Or perhaps he’s referring to the one about Arafat’s homosexuality? But then his own doctor had confirmed that Arafat had the HIV virus, and Romanian intelligence had tapes of Arafat’s romps with his own security personnel.

I am sure that everyone reading this blog will be aware of the low quality of intellectualism coming from the anti-Israel hard Left. It couldn’t be any more evident than this. I can just picture the both of them holding hands to their ears chanting, bla bla bla b la bla bla bla.

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  1. Dear KGS,
    I do not publish unfactual accounts containing completely different views than my own without having time to comment on them.

    As also Laura commented, your islamophobic racist agenda makes debating with you impossible, and I see it best we do not continue this.

    I wish you the poorest of luck in your hatebreeding.

  2. I just hope Dan and Laura grew up one day. So much hate and ignorance they have, I wonder, it might not happen. I’m so sorry you came across these left-wing activists and their hate breeding. After quickly browsing their blogs had to run to the bathroom and puke. What a useful (useless) idiots. They will make a good politicians and human ‘rights’ activists, they will follow their leader and strong ideology. If they were born 100 years ago they would have joined Nazis, 60 years ago Stalinists but now they have Islamofasism. Apartheid… cannot wait their visit to South Africa.

  3. Seems like KGS has been busy debating far left activists. Personally, I don’t find that kind of thing very interesting, since their arguments have more to do with irrational beliefs and emotions, not facts.

  4. Sadly, facts will never sway those who hate Israel, which these two individuals obviously do. Their “argument”, to the extent that it actually exists, is purely emotional. The only thing that will ever satisfy them would be if each and every single Jew in Israel packed up and left immediately (after paying war reparations to the poor Palestinians, of course). Once that was done, the far left, far right and Islamofascists could resume their program of eliminating Jews worldwide, after that program was so rudely interrupted in 1945………


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