Hamas Islamist child abuse video

Hamas Logic Unhinged…….

Let’s face it, we have come to expect a lower standard from these fanatical religious supremacists. According to the disturbing logic –viewable in the latest video– of Hamas TV show for kids, you must first show cruelty to animals in order to teach against cruelty to animals.

With the sounds of children laughing with delight in the background, I wonder if they got the message? Simply appalling. *L* KGS

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  1. I would say that it –to some extent– sums up the society as a whole, but I wouldn’t suggest that Halme is someone who should be honered for his anti-immigrant positions.

    There is more to be said about a reasonable/rational immigration policy than a rush to implement a multi-cultural society.

    As for Somali and Sudanese refugees/immigrants, the number of criminals and criminal activity coming from these ethnic groups are dropping. Many responsible leaders from these communities have been actively working to intergrate their members into Finnish society.

    Many problems do remain, but the incidents of crime/violence have taken a downward trend,…which is good. Finnish immigration and refugee policies (to the best of my knowledge) still lag behind that of their neighbors. Perhaps this is part of the reason why Finland lacks the major problems that the rest of Scandinavia is experiencing. Just my observation though.

    Finland still exhibits a strong national identity due to the wars it fought with Russia, as well as it being under Swedish and Russian domination, also,…Finland’s internal Swedish policies reflect it’s desire to be included with the rest of Scandinavia, that it too has a a common trait shared with the rest of the Swedish based language states.

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