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UNHRC Islamic States: Ban Ban Ban, Ban Ban Ki-moon…….

Poor UN Sec-Gen, Ban Ki-moon, is now facing the wrath of the Islamic States of the UN. According to UN Watch:

“U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was rebuked by Islamic states in the Human Rights Council today for having criticized its decision to institutionalize the censure of Israel, singled out under the council’s new procedures as the only country permanently indicted by a standing agenda item.”

That’s not all:

“In addition to its recent adoption of an Islamic-sponsored agenda item that singles out Israel for permanent scrutiny, the council, since being established in June 2006, has directed all of its country censures, now numbering eleven, against the Jewish state. The only other country addressed has been Sudan, though instead of issuing condemnations, the council has praised Khartoum’s “cooperation” and repeatedly called for further reports.

“It is somewhat ironic,” said Neuer, “for the Arab and Islamic states to object that their measures singling out Israel are themselves being ‘singled out’ for unfair treatment by the Secretary-General.”

I find it highly ironic that at the same time the South Korean UN Sec-Gen is facing the wrath of the Islamic States within the UN, 23 of his fellow countrymen are facing death at the hands of other Islamic nut cases in Afghanistan.

Let it be said, that the Islamic world will not allow for the non-Muslim world to criticize any actions or activities of Muslims. To give into their intolerance is to invite more abuse. Not even the UN Sec-Gen is immune to their rage. More here. *L* KGS

Via Pamela at Atlas Shrugs

“The South Korean victim was found Wednesday with 10 bullet holes in his head, chest and stomach in the Mushaki area of Qarabagh district in Ghazni province, the region where the group was seized July 19 while riding a bus, said Abdul Rahman, a police officer. A police official, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation, said militants told him the hostage was sick and couldn’t walk and was therefore shot.”

The sick, deranged mind of the enemy revealed. 42-year-old Bae Hyung-kyu, a Christian pastor, was mercilessly pumped full of bullets by the Islamists when he was considered to weak to go on. Oh the compassion of those who follow their compassionate prophet.
TINSC notes in the comment section: “Look at the bright side! It’s nice to finally see a UN General Secretary lift a finger to support Israel. That’s an improvement. “
I agree, and he soon found out what kind of price he’ll pay for that support. The Muslims are now raging/whinning that he dared to point out their hypocrisy.

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  1. Look at the bright side!

    It’s nice to finally see a UN General Secretary lift a finger to support Israel. That’s an improvement.



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