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The Other Right of Return…….

The US Congress is presently mulling over a couple of resolutions that require any international discussion of Palestinian refugees, to also include the issue of Jewish refugees that fled Arab lands in the wake of the creation of the State of Israel. It’s about time.

Reporting on it last Thursday, I mentioned that :

“Whenever Israel takes up the issue of refugees, she automatically expects that the plight of +800 000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands will be addresses as well.”

The international community (especially here in Europe) have conveniently overlooked the other half of the refugee question, in what amounted to an actual exchange of populations, not unlike what happened between the populations of Greece and Turkey in the last century.

The Palestinians and their supporters have managed to frame the entire issue of refugees, from the Palestinian narrative, which predictably leaves out any mention of Jews being forced to flee from their ancient homelands in the Arab world. Perhaps the new resolutions currently being discussed, will become the catalyst in bringing a more balanced approach to the refugee question.

No one is denying that the Palestinians have claims or grievances, it’s just that Jewish claims for justice concerning their own refugees has been intentionally overlooked by the IC due to the hi-jacking of the refugee issue by the Palestinians, the Arab League, and the EU.

It’s now time for the IC to admit that Jews also have a right to be recognized, heard, and their grievances addressed. Over 800 000 Jewish refugees and their decendents deserve at least that much. More here. *L* KGS

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