Finland Paleostinians poetic justice

Pali Rapper Denied Visa For Finnish Cult-Festival…….

According to Finland’s news service YLE, the Palestinian rapper, Mohammad Al Farra, A.K.A D.R, The Dynamic Rapper, from the Gaza group, PR The Palestinian Rapperz“, is still stuck in Egypt, having been denied his visa to Finland.

The “Dynamic Rapper” was due to perform this Saturday at the Faces Etnofestival, but was denied his visa due to the strict demands of the Schengen Agreement. The Faces Etnofestival is a yearly ethnic/cultural music and dance event that takes place in and around the Finnish capital. This years event is being promoted:

“In globalisation we need everyone to work actively in a way that all cultures and nations can confront equally and with respect towards each other.”

I find it difficult to believe that a Palestinian rapper wouldn’t be using his platform to denounce Jews, Israel and the US. Listening to a tape demo at the PR’s MySapce website, you hear a fake US president George Bush talking about how he wants to commit genocide the world over, bla bla bla.

Of course they wouldn’t ever dare rap about the indoctrination of their minds from birth with Jew hate, Islamist supremacy and the final solution for their neighbors across the Gaza border. Nor do I believe that they would dare rap about the evilness of honor murders, where girls and women are murdered due to some retarded sense of family shame and honor.

This group might be just a bunch of kids wanting to buck the system, and rant and rave at any form of authority like many other youths around the world, but I’m just wondering how the “Dynamic Rapper” can manage to do that without resorting to the Palestsinian’s typical Jew hate frenzy that’s become a cultural heritage within thier society? More here (in Finnish)*L* KGS

Debbie Schlussel has more on other Palestinian rappers here.

Hat tip: H.S.

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