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The Right Stuff…….?

This guy, Kamal Moubadder, definately does not have it. According to Esther at Islam in Europe, Kamal’s new book, 40 frågor om islam” (40 questions about Islam):

Amputating thieves’ hands will cut down on crime, and killing those who are caught being sexually unfaithful with bring down the number of adultery cases.”

“This according to a representative for an Arab-Islamic school in answering questions on Islam.”

Moubadder: “This is Islam’s answer, not mine”. How chilling that the former principal of the school who uttered these words, does not reside in Saudi Arabia or in Tehran, but in a suburb of Stockholm Sweden. Both the school and the former principal have been reported to the Swedish National Agency for Education for “barbaric opinions” which “make him unsuitable to own and run a school.”

What is even more worrisome is the following statement by Moubadder concerning Islamic law. Though he denies wanting sharia implemented in Sweden (for now), he nonetheless gives his hand away, in revealing the following sentiments:

“Kamal Moubadder says that he doesn’t want capital punishment for unfaithfulness or amputations for theft to be introduced to Sweden today, bearing in mind that it would upset the overall system of justice. But he accepts Islamic sharia law in other countries and admits he can imagine them in Sweden on one condition: that Swedish citizens would vote for these laws in a democratic process. “

Let us now wrap our brains around what he said. Sweden, a Scandinavian pluralistic, liberal democracy is not yet ripe for sharia (Islamic jurisprudence), only when the numbers are right and we vote it in through our voting block, then it’ll be OK for amputations and for the killing of adulterers.

Kamal Moubadder represents the very kind of person that should not be allowed to immigrate to a western country. He is a stark example of the kind of backwardness and medieval thinking that resists the present modern age society in which he lives, most likely has been for decades. Kamal Moubadder and the legions that think like him, are most definately NOT THE RIGHT STUFF. *L* KGS

The article in the Dagens Nyheter is here. (Swedish)

Via Islam in Europe

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  1. Oh F*ck, what a pissant. I really do fear for Europes future.

  2. May I remind you all that the Swedish “supreme court” has declared that it is not racism when a Muslim derogates a Jew or a Swedish person, but that when the opposite happens, it is racism indeed.

    IOW: if Sharia stands a chance anywhere in the Western world, it is in Sweden.

    That said, I might also add that Sweden is hardly worth classifying as a Western nation. The Danes have a saying: “Asia begins in Malmo”. That is a more popular way to say that the Renaissance (that discovered the individual and laid the foundation of Enlightenment and the modern art of government) made halt in Copenhagen. It never went further.

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