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Three Palestinian Sisters Stabbed to Death in Honor Crime…….

Three sisters were found stabbed to death in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, raising suspicion they were killed by relatives because of suspected immoral behavior, a human rights organization said. The three sisters, 16-year-old Nahed Hija and her sisters, 19-year-old Suha and 22-year-old Lina, were found dead from multiple stab wounds, buried in a shallow grave in the central Gaza Strip early Sunday morning, said Hamdi Shakkour of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights. Shakkour said they suspected the women were victims of “honor crimes,” in which women are murdered by male relatives because of suspected intimate relations – not necessarily sex – outside of marriage.

This is the kind of human butchery and moral outrage one can expect from religious Islamic fanatics who pine for the 7th century, and are determined to instill that ancient immoral code of “right and wrong” in the mordern age.

“The Hamas force that polices the Gaza Strip said in a statement it was investigating the deaths.”

We can all breath a sigh of relief, all will be handled according to the Muslim Brotherhood’s sense of fairness and justice. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. Sickening! And this is what we are all doomed to deal with, if we aren’t careful.

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