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Finnish Muslims Begin Their Proselytizing…….

On the way to my summer cottage this past Saturday, I stopped to pick up a weekend copy of the Ilta-Sanomat, and while I was waiting for my sauna to heat up I turned to page 12 and came across an article by Juha-Pekka Tikka. His article takes note of a new phenomenon gripping the streets of Helsinki:

“Finnish Muslims have begun to actively convert other Finns to Islam. Active members from the recently established Islam Aika society have for the first time begun missionry work in the streets and with flyer’s.”

The spokesman for the Muslim group, Abdullah Tammi (formerly Risto Tammi) states that “Finnish Muslims (read= home grown) are met without any preconceptions compared to foreign Muslims coming from abroad.”

Perhaps he’s right, but the troubling thing is that the brand of Islam both Abdullah Tammi and his organization are peddling in the streets of Helsinki, is Sunni orientated and Saudi (petrol dollars) funded), which means of the Salafi / Wahhabi variety.

Fellow blogger Vasarahammer blogged something about it on the 3rd of this month, after viewing Finnish tv’s A-Zoom program. As with Juha Tikka article, Vasarahammer also notes that Islam Aika (Islam Time) is sending five of its members to Saudi Arabia for more schooling, at the expense of the Saudis.

Yhdistyksestä lähtee piakkoin viisi suomalaismiestä Saudi-Arabiaan Medinaan opiskelemaan muutamaksi vuodeksi islamilaisessa yliopistossa. Opinnot kustannetaan saudivaroin, ja opintojen päätyttyä miehet työllistynevät Suomessa imaameina tai muina islaminopettajina.

Translation: The society will soon send five Finns to an Islamic university in Medina, Saudi-Arabia, for a year. The studies will be funded by the Saudis, and when the schooling ends the men will work as Imams and Islamic teachers.” (Church and City paper)

If one is able to read in between the lines, the Saudis are making their first notable inroad into Finnish society, and means that the most severe form of Islam is going to be preached in an active way in Finland’s streets.

In what appears to be an odious sign for the future, we have already had one of our “home grown” converts “turned on to jihad“, with Abu Ibrahim getting all fired up and leaving for Chechnya. He never made it to his destination, being turned back at Kazbek Mountains in northern Georgia.

Other than oil, the only thing that the Saudis are able to deliver to the world, are more intolerant religious fanatics. It’s also worth noting, that while the Arab/Muslim world (thanks to the Saudis) do not lack in both funds and religious institutions, they can only boast ONE universtiy per 3 million Muslims. That statistic more than anything else, tells more about their priorities than anything else they say or do. *L* KGS

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  1. Take some advice from a Malaysian whose country is turning into another fundamentalist Islamic shit hole: You Finns had better nip this Islamisation problem in the bud before it grows into a national security threat. Outlaw Islam and revoke the citizenship of all Muslims.

  2. Kick all the muslims out of Finland. 95% of Muslims are asylum seekers are from Somalia (where Sharia laws are applied). Now these Islamic morons want to bring Sharia laws into Finland. Islam is like a plague. It is slowly destroying the great Finnish culture. It needs to be nipped in the bud. Hope Finland deports all the Muslim asylum seekers back their country of origin. Long live the great Finnish culture and free speech.

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