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The Central Finnish Newspaper, once again fails itself and its readership with their gate keepers refusal to provide a correction to an article that was given a grossly incorrect headline. Last Wednesday the Keskisuomalainen reported on the killing of the Red Mosque’s leader, Abdul Rashid Ghazi, in Pakistan. Giving it the headline:

“Johtaja kuoli yrittäessään antautua / Leader dies in attempt to surrender” Reuters/AFP/AP
The headline in completely bogus. The jihadi leader and the “merry band” that accompanied him were trying to escape through a hole in the wall, got caught, started shooting and were killed in the return fire. No attempt at surrendering was made.

“ISLAMABAD • Abdul Rashid Ghazi, the deputy prayer leader of Lal Masjid, was killed when he was trying to escape through a breach in the wall of Jamia Hafsa with his three foreign guards, reports said here yesterday. Quoting unnamed intelligence source, Daily Times reported that army commandoes spotted Ghazi and his three guards trying to escape from a breach in the wall created by the army to rescue the women and children held hostage in the Jamia Hafsa compound.

Ghazi and his guards were heading towards the stream behind the Jamia Hafsa. “The commandoes chased Ghazi and his guards and the latter took refuge in a room near the breach in the wall. One of Ghazi’s guards, an Uzbek, fired on a commando who was trying to take a look inside the room. The militant’s bullet missed the commando, who retaliated, killing all the four men inside,” said the source”.

So we now know that there were “foreign commandos” with the deputy leader at the time of his death, and that they had no intention of giving themselves up to the Pakistani forces. The Keskisuomalainen owes its readers the truth, who more than likely still believe that Ghazi was mowed down with his hands up in the air. But I do not expect any retraction or correction from that “news” organization, who have predictably “moved on” and refuse to “look back”, no matter how ill informed or misleading their prior headlines and articles were.

In the same vein, that’s how they treat all the bogus news wire stories (concerning the Israeli/Palestinian conflict) that they fill their pages with. Being usually the handy work of Palestinian “stringers”, –not the most trustworthy of news gathers– the Keskisuomalainen’s news staff most certainly “KNOW THIS” –as well as the rest of the news media– and rarely if ever bother to correct these factually incorrect articles. *L* KGS

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