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Pakistan’s Red Mosque Drama Only ‘Half a Drama’ in The Finnish News…….

The Pakistani government ended last night any further negotiations with the Talibani-style Islamists hole up in the Red Mosque. The news wires report that 40 Islamists and 3 soldiers have been killed thus far, with no sighting of the women and children thought to be remaining inside.

What is also news, is the way in which the drama in Pakistan has been handled by the Finnish media. There has been a complete news “blackout” concerning some of the children having been brainwashed by their Islamist handlers into becoming “martyrs”.

After checking all the major TV news media, YLE, MTV3, Nelonen, you get the picture that all of the women and children remaining inside the mosque are being held against their will, being used as “human shields”, with 20-30 having already escaped.

In today’s edition of the Helsingin Sanomat, there is no mention of the willingness of the jihadis’ children to die as martyrs. Like I said, there is a complete news blackout on the entire story. The Finnish News Agency /STT (Suomen Tietotoimisto) is used as a source for all their articles –with the HS having also included the AFP/AP/Reuters– and since there is no mention of the many children willing to die for their Allah, the rest of the news herd declined to report on it as well.

Baron Bodissey had posted yesterday at the Gates of Vienna, an interesting piece concerning the Swedish “TT”, Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (The Newspapers’ Telegram Agency) and its anti-Israel bias. He writes about a blogger who operates this website which is devoted to exposing the Swedish TT’s demonization of Israel.

Like its Swedish cousin the TT, the Finnish STT is the main news source for all the news media in Finland, being able to steer public opinion not only by what it prints, but also by what it omits. The STT insists that:

“STT does not seek to influence public opinion. Rather, its mission is to produce information on the basis of which readers, listeners and viewers can make their own conclusions and form opinions.”

Ehh….yeah right. *L* KGS

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