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Syria Has Indeed Invaded Lebanon…….

After coming across an article by Michael Totten, I was then handed this story by the TT’s own Al Avai, which verifies Totten’s original report, that the incursion by Syrian forces along the Lebanese border has indeed happened.

“The daily Al Mustaqbal, citing sources who confirmed the cross-border penetration, did not say when the procedure in the Fahs Hill overlooking Deir al-Ashaer in the Rashaya province took place. The sources said Syrian troops, backed by bulldozers, were fortifying positions “in more than one area” along the Lebanese border, erecting earth mounds and digging “hundreds” of trenches and individual bunkers.”

According to the same article, “Syrian troops on Thursday reportedly have penetrated three kilometers into the Lebanese territories, taking up positions in the mountains near Yanta in the Rashayya province , in east Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.”

Al cunningly adds that “perhaps Google Earth will reveal the truth”. I predict no, it’s only when Israel moves inside Lebanon that anyone really stands up to take notice. Google Earth will give it a free pass. *L* KGS

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