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Islamophobia Idiocy…….

“Prime Minister Gordon Brownkeeps repeating that the attacks have nothing to do with Islam – but, at the same time, keeps inviting “Muslim community leaders” to Downing Street to discuss how to prevent attacks. If the attacks have nothing to do with Islam, why invite Muslim “leaders” rather than Buddhist monks?”

Rather a tough question for the “politically correct and moral relativist” minded crowd to answer. They would rather shift our attention away from that troublesome conundrum, and equate present day –justified– criticism of Islam to what the Jews in the 30 and 40’s had to endure at the hands of the Nazis and their sympathizers.

It’s a ridiculous comparison that only serves to confuse and obfuscate the issues, in order to stifle any meaningful public discourse ..through intimidation. Comparing folks such as myself to racists and other rabble –even though I have taken great care to set out the course of my argumentation– is sheer nonsense. I wonder if the great Islamic scholar Majid Khadduri would be considered an “Islamophobe”? Or perhaps Amil Imani? More here. *L* KGS
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  1. Appeasing the so called ‘Muslim community’ is what the Brits do. I wonder when it stops. Probably never.

    Thankfully, there is always a British Muslim association spokesman to be interviewed, for the BBC at least.

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