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Helsingin Sanomat Squanders Chance to Report on Palestinian Brain Washing of Its Youth…….

The opportunity presented itself, only to be squandered by Finland’s leading news daily, the Helsingin Sanomat. In today’s newspaper and Internet pages, Mickey Moussa, the Palestinians’ terrorist mouse (Farfour) is the subject of a minor report, that primarily reports about the mouse’s demise at the hand of an “Israeli” from the Hamas’ perspective.

“Ulkopuoliset syyttivät sen lietsovan kansanryhmien vihaa, sillä Farfur kehotti aseelliseen vastarintaan Israelia vastaan. / Outsiders charge that it (Farfour) is inciting hatered against a national group (Jews), in which Farfour exhorts the armed resistance against Israel.”

Truth be known, he is not only advocating violence to children –which is bad enough– but also preaches the supremacy of Islam and that all others (namely Jews) are murderous, lying deceptive infidels over which Islam will one day triumph. The HS goes on to include the following in the (NYT source) article;

Al Aqsa -television tuotantojohtaja Muhammed Said kiisti, että ohjelmalla olisi haluttu lietsoa väkivaltaa tai että hiiren seikkailu loppuisi kansainvälisen painostuksen vuoksi. “Farfur puolusti maataan. Hän kuoli kuten monet lapset kuolevat Israelin sotilashyökkäyksissä. Haluamme viestiä arabeille ja muslimeille, mitä täällä tapahtuu”, Said selitti / Al-Aqsa- television producer denied, that the program wants to promote violence or that the mouse’s adventure ended due to international pressure. “Farfur defended his country. He died as many other children died in Israeli military attacks. We want to inform the Arabs and Muslims, what is happening here, Said explained”.

And yes, the HS is helping to promote that lie, though not consciously, by not informing the readers of their paper in any meaningful way –about the depth of the hateful incitement against Jews and Israel in the Palestinian media (Hamas and the PA)– the HS is creating a situation where its readership might buy into the big lie that Muhammed Said is propagating. *L* KGS

Update: 10:27 04/07/07

JPost reports that some Gazan parents are upset over summer youth camps being used as brain washing centers to incite against Israel (the shock, the horror) and against Fattah. Has the Finnish main stream news media reported on it…? Just checked….nope.

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