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Sudanese refugees Flee Egypt For Israel…….

Sudanese refugee, Anthony Peter:

So Peter decided to take a gamble on Israel, a place he had only heard of as a “land of Jews.” “The only thing I knew about Jews was what I heard about them in Egypt – that they were evil, that they drank blood and were killers and very cruel,” said Peter. “I thought though, that the people telling me this were also killers, so why should I believe them?”

So does it cause anyone the least bit of concern that the supposedly “new and improved” UN Human Rights Council has Egypt as a proud member ? Power Line Blog has a good post on it here.

If key western states were to establish a rival international institution to the UN –built upon the premise that, only true democratic states can safe guard the human/civil rights of all its citizens, and therefor only they can be trusted with promoting the same for the entire world– only then would the feckless and corrupted institution of the UN be exposed for what it is, dysfunctional, ineffectual, corrupt and anti-democratic. More here. *L* KGS

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