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Flying Pig Alert……!

Time to break out the “flying critter” in honor of the Helsingin Sanomat’s inclusion of a US Army report that disses the entire claim spread earlier throughout the international news media. In yesterday’s HS, (paper edition 29.06.07) the AP wire headline read:

“Bagdadin kaakkoispuolelta löytyi 20 päätöntä ruumista” / 20 headless bodies found in south east Baghdad”

To the HS’s credit, on their internet (free edition 30.06.07) they reported that the claim could be false:

USA:n armeija: “Mediassa liikkuu väärää tietoa Irakista / USA army: False inormation circulates in the media” STT/AFP

I had reported last year about a similar scenario:

Helsingin Sanomat gets it wrong. In an article published last Tuesday (28.3.06) in the HS by INKA KOVANEN, she claimed that 30 men were found headless in northern Iraq. The UPI has just printed an update to the bogus story, proving the claim to have had the consistency of helium. While its true that false reports are hard to weed out, the reliance of the news wire services on local stringers for accurate news on a distant conflict, doesn’t always prove to be reliable.

They never printed a correction to that story, at least this is a step in the right direction. *L* KGS

Note: This kind of false report being spread by Iraqi stringers is strikingly similar to how the Palestinian stringers fool the international media, time after time in their reporting on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

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