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Al-Qaida Planned Multiple Attacks in London…….

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, if Al-Qaida had planned the terrorist attacks, then there would be more car bombs found ready and waiting. There were.

Two cars packed with petrol, nails and “patio gas” canisters were left primed to wreak destruction among London clubbers making their way home after a Thursday night out. Only the vigilance and courage of ambulancemen and police officers prevented massive loss of life.

One car, a pale green Mercedes, had been left outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub in Haymarket. A second, a blue Mercedes, was left a few hundred yards away in Cockspur Street, a busy thoroughfare close to Trafalgar Square. This vehicle was towed away at 3:30am on Friday to an car pound on Park Lane by unsuspecting parking officials

Thanks to the quick thinking police, a tragedy was averted. One of the attackers has been clearly photographed, and closely resembles “a man arrested by police in connection with another bomb plot but released for lack of evidence.” More here.

A comment posted to a Sean O’Neill article gets it half right:

It is not possible to simply give these people what they want! when it is not just our foreign policy they despise but our culture and way of life also. The only solution to Islamic fanaticism is education and that will take generations, not just a the simple withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan.

I would add that education alone is not enough, many of the Muslim terrorists already dead or sitting in jail have been well educated, so the answers lie elsewhere. Muslims must be confronted with the fact thatthe belief in a “purist Islam” –of the 7th century variety– does not belong in the present modern age. It is anti-democratic and anti-human/civil rights.

Islam must be relegated to being that of personal faith, which means thinking of themselves as first being citizens who happen to be Muslims, not the other way around. *L* KGS

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