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BBC Accused of Institutional ‘Trendy Left-Wing Bias’ …….

Shocked I tell you, Shocked!

The BBC is criticised for its liberal leanings in an official report published today, leading to claims that the corporation is “institutionally biased”.

BBC bosses have been attacked for not reflecting a “broader range of views” and not thinking outside of its Left-leaning “comfort zone” in its programming.

The report, commissioned by the BBC, also attacks the way the corporation has pandered to politically motivated celebrities such as Bob Geldof and allowed schedules to be hijacked by special interest groups promoting trendy issues.

The BEEB’s Left-wing bias concerning Israel is a case study all by itself, being consistently one of the most antagonistic, anti-Israel “news trumpets” in Europe. It’s not by accident then, that the Finnish capital’s main news daily, the Helsingin Sanomat, which uses the BBC as a major source for its news reporting, is very anti-Israel. The surprise and shock of it all! More here. *L* KGS

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  1. BBC’s anti-Israel agenda was well documented during the Israel-Hizbollah war. You can still find some of the reports made by BBC journalists from Youtube.

    If you’re interested in BBC bias, I recommend Biased BBC blog at

    BBC Bias against Israel is a recurring theme. One of my favorites is the way BBC describes Kassam rockets. They are “crudely made and rarely cause injury.” This may be a fact but it doesn’t make them harmless. And there might be a reason why BBC News website keeps repeating this statement.

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