Christian Dhimmitude Hamas Islamism Paleostinians

Jihad is Not Just Against Jews…….

Hamas terrorists loot and trash the Rosary Sisters School and the Latin Church in Gaza, while burning Christian bibles. Father Manuel Musalam, leader of the small Latin community in the Gaza Strip, said:

“Those who did these awful things have no respect for Christian-Muslim relations.”

I would like to add to the words of the dear Padre, that these thugs have no respect for human dignity or life. They prey on the weak, the mentally ill, brain washing children to love murder and death. Quoting an unamed source:

“You can’t be rid of oppression while the oppressor is in place, you can’t eradicate ignorance while the ignorant control education, you can’t build an economy when the powers-that-be sabotage the economy, and you can’t soothe misery while eternal warmongers wage war.”

They, the Palestinian terrorists are beneath contempt. More here. *L* KGS

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