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Finland’s Leading Paper Compares Jewish Parliamentarian to Shylock The Jew…….


Here We Go Again…….

Solomonia: “Oh those sophisticated Europeans. They quote Shakespeare when they call you a kike”

Another Finnish newspaper publishes an article that degrades a Jewish parliamentarian.

The Helsingin Sanomat’s cultural editor, Hannu Marttila published Matti Rossi’s antisemitic ‘tongue in cheek’ blurb to Finnish parliamentarian Ben Zyskowicz’s outrage over Rossi being awarded a cash prize by the Finnish government for his life time work in translating Shakespeare’s classics into Finnish.

[The state prize for literature carries with it not only the honor of the award itself, but also 15 000 Euros.]

The reason for Zyskowicz’s outrage over the Finnish state’s awarding Matti Rossi with the prize, was for his role as a snitch for the Hungarian communist government back in 75′. Matti Rossi had informed on a Hungarian writer for speaking out against communism during a visit to Finland, in which he compared communism to fascism. Dénes Kiss was right on the mark. Ben Zyskowicz had asked the government after the award had been given:

“would have Culture -and Sports Minister (yes, Finland has a government minister for sports) Stefan Wallin refused to award Matti Rossi with the prize had he known that Rossi had informed on the Hungarian writer, Dénes Kiss to the communist government.”

It doesn’t end there. The editor for the Helsingin Sanomat’s culture section, Hannu Marttila, wrote a short screed in the comment section included with the article over Zyskowicz’s initial outrage, in which he down played the whole affair.

“Mitä muuta Zyskowiczin älämölö oli kuin ilmianto, jonka tarkoitus oli järjestää Suomen parhaalle Shakespearen kääntäjälle valtionkirous 32 vuoden hiljaisen hiillostuksen seuraksi. Kun punaisen fasismin kaatumisesta on kohta kaksi vuosikymmentä, sille jo uskaltaa näyttää hampaitaan. Rohkea teko.”

“Zyskowicz’s fussing was for no other reason than to squeal, with the sole purpose to orchestrate a state curse for Finland’s best Shakespearian translator who has been quietly raked over the coals for 32 years. Red fascism’s demise is almost two decades old, now he dares to show his teeth. Really brave.”

It doesn’t end there. Not only is the culture editor unsatisfied with the pot shot at Ben Zyskowicz, he lends his culture section to the Finnish snitch/translator to let off another salvo at the upset parliamentarian. This time I won’t bother translating the full text, but in a tongue in cheek op-ed, he likens Zyskowicz to the Shakespearean character Shylock the Jew. Ben Zyskowicz happens to be Jewish, making the comparison undeniable.

Kirjailija William Shakespeare kuvaa dramaattisesti vastaavaa yritystä Venetsiassa 1500-luvun lopulla. /

The writer William Shakespeare dramatically pictured a comparable attempt in Venice in the late 1500’s.”

In the short op-ed, Matti Rossi was clearly making fun of Ben Zyskowicz, and characterizing him in a way that mirrored the story of the merchant of Venice, a Shakespearean play. It was totally irresponsible for the paper to print it, and as I said before about other examples of anti-Semitism in the Finnish media, it’s becoming kind of trend here.

More examples of anti-Semitism in the Finnish media, here, here and here.

Hat tip: Pikku Poika at Keisarin uudet vaatteet. (special thanks to him)

Update: Pamela at Atlas Shrugs links it here, Baron Bodissey at the Gates of Vienna posts on it here, Martin at Solomonia here.

Note: The author of that offending op-ed (Matti Rossi) published in the HS, was once editor of a Finnish Leftist magazine, the Culture Notepad. Surprise surprise….

Al Avai adds: Basically the “good ‘ol boys” are saying that Zyskowicz doesn’t have the _right_ even to raise the question because he is Shylock and therefore should be a pariah. Rather than simply answering the question Zyskowicz raised. And the Helsingin Sanomat, which did its own part in the decades of Finlandization, wants to bury references to the bad old days.

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  1. Your post is creating waves on the blogosphere here in North America (and with good reason). The stuff that is being said about Israel and Jews is just frightening. The 1930s come to mind as a frame of reference……


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