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An American Friend of Israel Dies…….

The Rev.Jerry Falwell was indeed a very controversial figure in American society, respected by his constituents and despised by his detractors, but for me, he will always be remembered for energizing his Christian base to support the Jewish state of Israel.

The Tundra Tabloid’s dear friend TINSC, gives his own reasons as to why this man will be missed. I second his opinions. *L* KGS

“I’m shocked and saddened by Rev. Falwell’s passing. Rev. Falwell connected millions of American Christians with Israel and the Old Testament. That connection has played a big role in helping Israel survive. Today, too many Jews are afraid to speak out to defend Israel for fear of alienating their extreme leftwing peers. Without the Christian friends Jerry Falwell helped us find, Jews and Israel might be much more lonely and isolated today.

In the end, it’s reasonable to note that Jerry Falwell wasn’t the perfect or necessarily the ideal friend of Israel and the Jews. I doubt he theologically accepted us. That always troubled me, but it never caused me to dislike him or fail to appreciate the good things he did. He told his followers to love Jews and Israel unconditionally, and THAT is 95% of anything I could have ever wanted or asked for from a Christian minister” TINSC

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