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Finnish Paper Quiet on Palestinian Rocket Barrage Against Israeli City Centers…….

Yesterday there were three big stories in the ME conflict

  • –Nakbah day

–13 Pals killed by other Pals

–17 Qassam rockets hit Sderot, wounding several people and hitting several buildings

Aamulehti (the main news daily for city of Tampere) ran one story yesterday, and guess what it was ?

“Israelin perustamispäivä on palestiinalaisille katastrofinpäivä” / “The day of Israel’s founding is a day of catastrophe for the Palestinians”.

The Palestinian response to Israel’s day of celebration of its existence has been a continual barrage of rockets that has injured over eighteen people thus far, including one mother and her son. The terrorist barrage from Gaza has forced all schools in the area to remain closed. Today seven rockets hit all around the Israeli cities of Ashelon and Sderot, one landing near a soccer field of a kibbutz.

It is the Palestinian’s refusal to accept the existence of the state of Israel in any shape or form in their ancient homeland that is the key issue here, any other excuses are just that…excuses. That they consider the foundation of the Jewish state their chief catasrophe (not having a state of their own from 1948 on), says more about their long term agenda than anything else. *L* KGS

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