Royal’s Scare Tactic Works Its Magic, France Burns

French socialist, Segolene Royal who was by last Friday down in the polls leading up to the French elections on Sunday, irresponsibly warned of riots if Nicolas Sarkozy was elected president of France, …..her constituents responded.

French police have arrested a total of 592 people across the country as bands of rioters protested conservative Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential election victory Sunday, French media reported. The police said a total of 730 vehicles were torched and 28 police officers were injured in violent incidents from Sunday night to Monday morning. Police fought stone-throwing rioters with tear gas, but it was not clear how many rioters were injured, according to Radio France.

Another report has a lot of photos here. I find it highly irresponsible for a politician to forcast violence instead of appealing for calm if the opposing candidate wins the public’s vote. She should run out of politics. Little Green Footballs had a poll on how many cars would be torched in the wake of a “Royal Loss”, the majority believed that over a thousand would go up in flames, which is not far from the present total, which presently stands around 730.

One video of the violence is here, thanks to Pamela as Atlas Shrugs. The “youths” are at it again, and it’s only a matter of opinion of how long the violence will continue and to what extent the damage will be, as the “youths” vent their frustrations. Viv la France. *L* KGS

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  1. I saw it more as a veiled threat than a warning… My sister also told me that she had read somewhere that the terrorists holding the French hostage were waiting to see the outcome of the election to decide what to do. Another threat.

    Thank God the French had enough courage to not pay heed and vote him in.

    I was afraid France might go the way of Spain. Thankfully, not

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