Predictably The Majority of Finnish Media Stays True to Form…….

First off, kudos to Finland’s MTV3 (and Iltalehti’s Ms.Gerkman, see below) for at least reporting on their website an honorable mention of the Israeli/Romanian, Professor Liviu Librescu, the hero who saved a number of his students from certain death. (pictured at his grandson’s Brit ceremony)

Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat though decided not to, but they did choose to publicize the role of a Palestinian student Jamal Al-Barghouti who took a phone (Nokia) video of police running around. Al-Barghouti didn’t save anyone, but did take the opportunity to use the tragic situation for his own purposes by comparing the shooting on the Virginia Tech campus to the West Bank.

I know where the HS’s loyalties (lie), so it doesn’t come as a surprise, besides, the majority of the Finnish press behaved in the same way. To be fair, if any of the TT’s Finnish readers have an example of the Finnish media reporting on the Israeli hero, Liviu Liberscu, please send it my way, I’ll publish it. *L* KGS

Tundraman informs me on why the Finnish media treated Librescu as a persona non grata, and refused to not see the newsworthy angle of a Holocaust survivor dying on the memorial day for the Shoah:

Tundraman: I have seen somewhere (in HS?) a report on the Holocaust remembrance day held in Israel, saying that EU has set another date for this day but that Israel wanted to keep this one because it is closer to their independence they and they want to remind of the connection between the two! So according to the Finnish media at least the remembrance day was Israeli, even if Librescu is not…

Al Avai adds: Total mistake, day was set due to Warsaw ghetto uprising.

Tundraman: Now THAT would have needed a correction, of course, but i remember vaguely that when the date was discussed at EU, the side advocating for this particular date lost (I don’t remember why), yet Israel kept it, and this is of course what HS (I think it was HS) capitalized on in their explanation for the reason for the discrepancy

Update: I spotted this in the the Finnish tabloid Iltalehti

The headline reads: Professor Saved His Students. The caption under the picture reads: HERO Liviu Liberscu died, so that his students were able to flee.

So here is at least one Finnish paper that spotted the news worthy story, unlike the biased Finnish flagship newspaper in Helsinki, the Helsingin Sanomat. Kudos to both Gerkman and the Iltalehti. *L* KGS

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  1. it seems to be a general pattern in the media which has preferred to write about the “citizen journalist” who stood around and filmed the attack and then made money selling it, over a man who actually saved lives

    but that’s after all what the media itself does, it stands around and films and does not interfere

  2. Hi Sultan,

    The predictable thing here, is Finland’s number one city newspaper choosing to sideline a story because its principal character (an Israeli) would be seen in a positive light.

    That he’s also a Holocaust surviver was too much for them bear. It had to be avoided at all costs.

  3. yes he’s fundamentally inconvenient for a press that has the agenda of promoting palestinian terrorism as justified

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