Riots in Malmö Sweden…….

Sven Larson at the Scandimerican blog by way of Atlas Shrugs, reports on the current violence raging through the Sweden’s southern city of Malmö. Presently, there has been no mention of this at all in Finland’s Finnish/Swedish news media. *L* KGS

Scandimerican writes:

“The Eurabian riots are spreading. All weekend, French-style riots have raged the muslim-dominated housing project of Rosengard in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city. Rioters attacked the police when they came to the area to respond to a disturbance call. They then also attacked fire crews who arrived to put out fires that some of the rioters had started in storage buildings and recycling centers.

After the first fire, the fire crews refused to enter the area without significant police protection. Rosengard is only one of many similar muslim-dominated urban areas in Sweden’s large cities. Typically, the police do not enter those areas without heavy back-up, and in some instances they stay away completely.

There are also reports of harassments toward non-muslims to make them leave. Schools and government offices are subjected to vandalism.” Here is the untranslated story at Aftonbladet and here at Sydsvenskan.

Note: The HS had only reported on the riots in its online edition. So I do stand corrected.

Update: Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat reports on the riots in Malmö Sweden, but with a twist. The focus of the HS report is on the Swedish police for drawing their weapons –not the roving gangs themselves– as being the catalyst for the violence. Typical.

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  1. Fjordman has put forward some compelling commentary on Sweden. I think Sweden may well be the first European country to succumb to the Islamic menace. Even France appears about to elect the most hardline of the mainstream politicians. In Sweden three generations of cradle-to-grave socialism seems to have sapped something vital from the people. It is very sad.

    As a child I looked up to Sweden as the home of impossibly great things like Husky motorcycles, brilliant Jazz musicians (really only Scandanavia and perhaps Brazil have created Jazz musicians who can hold their own with the Americans) and their weird cars.

    But in speaking with Swedes as an adult I’ve found for the most part they are completely rigid and unwilling to even attempt to understand heterodox viewpoints.

    I believe this will be their downfall.

  2. I agree, the Swedes whom I talk with all point to a collective denial by the powers that be. I am afraid that they have perhaps gone past the point of no return.

    I hope I’m wrong. Thanks for stopping by.

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