US Speaker of The House, Speaks For Herself…….

The issue of Nancy Pelosi wearing the hijab (Islamic head scarf) inside a mosque is a non issue, her wearing it while she parades through the streets of Damascus….is. Being respective of someones religious beliefs is an expected courtesy, and is practiced by most, if not all visiting dignitaries to a house of worship outside of their own faith.

Pelosi’s placing of religious restrictions upon herself in a public place is ridiculous if not absurd, and curiously akin to Iran’s “dressing up” its hostages in stupid looking polyester suits.

The purpose behind Pelosi’s trip to Syria is meant solely to be a slap in the face of the present US administration –that discouraged her from acting out on her own foreign policy– and will not amount to anything positive. Dictators love photo ops, and the ones taken during her stay in Syria will only prove beneficial to the Syrian regime, not the US or anyone else for that matter.

Farid Ghadry (Reform Party of Syria) writes: “Will Pelosi Take the Blame if Lebanon Falls?

“Reckless is the best way to describe Nancy Pelosi’s latest in-your-face attempt at upstaging George W. Bush foreign policy. Assad is viewing her trip as a green light to take over Lebanon the way Saddam viewed Glapsie’s lack of interference as a green light to invade Kuwait. Will she take the blame if Lebanon falls to Assad and his cabal of murderers and thugs? Probably not. But the American people and the Lebanese must hold her feet to the fire.

Nancy Pelosi is on a power trip. Those who have worked closely with her in Congress speak of a driven, almost maniacal, woman capable of going the distance on issues most Democrats feel are too risqué not only for their Party but also for the American people to accept. Her take-no-prisoners attitude has earned her the coveted Speaker of the House nomination but many believe that her lack of experience will bring about her downfall. “

Only time will tell, just how much damage the Pelosi visit to Syria has caused for the people of Lebanon and for women’s rights in the region. The Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is/was in no position to offer any assurances to the Assad regime on behalf of the US government. So one can be excused for not understanding the goals behind the trip –which could never be the basis for anything to build on–…except for Jimmy Carter. Enough said. *L* KGS

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  1. KGS: Pelosi is a stink in the nostrils of every red-blooded American and an airhead…Did you see the picture of her crossing herself Catholic style at a Muslim holy place?
    Keep up the great blogging. Am checking out some of your other stories.

  2. I believe Pelosi was crossing herself before the head of John the Baptist. What is interesting is that the head of John now rests inside a Mosque.Why not an Assyrian Church?

    Perhaps because Islam considers John a Muslim, as well as Jesus and Moses. *L* KGS

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