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NGO UN Watch: UNHRC is Tool For Despots…….

“A do nothing good for nothing council” “It has enacted one resolution after another condemning one single state. Israel. In eight pronouncements and there will three more this session. Hamas and Hezb’Allah has been granted impunity. “

Thanks to Pamela via LGF.

Pamela has more on the Islamization of the UN, writing:

“the continuing islamization of the United Nations as well documented and investigated by the intrepid David Littman here, here and here.

UPDATE: And speaking of the United Islamic Nations;

Bank of the Intifada to Join the U.N. The U.N.’s legal body has recommended that the Islamic Development Bank be granted observer status. By Anne Bayefsky
The United Nations’ nourishment of terrorism (a concept it has yet to define) reached a new low last Friday. On March 23, 2007, the United Nations General Assembly’s Sixth Committee — its lead legal body comprised of all 192 member states — recommended that observer status be granted to the Islamic Development Bank Group (IDB), an entity that has been directly involved in paying the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.

Back in August of 2001, Ahmad Muhammad Ali, president of the bank, was questioned by the publication Asharq Al-Awsat about payments to the Palestinian Authority for the sake of carrying out the intifada. Ali told the publication that “there was no delay in paying financial assistance to the families of Palestinian martyrs,” assuring it, “We have started paying them soon after receiving the money.”

An Arab Summit in Cairo in late October of 2000 created two funds, the Al-Quds Intifadah Fund and the Al-Aqsa Fund. According to Ali, the IDB is responsible “for the smooth functioning of the two funds.” The final communiqué of the summit made no attempt to conceal the purpose of the funds: “the Al-Quds Intifadah Fund will have a capital of 200 million dollars to be allocated for disbursement to the families of Palestinian martyrs fallen in the Intifadah.”

The creation of a fund dedicated to making suicide-bombing financially appealing was the brainchild of then Crown Prince, now King, Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. He announced the move at the Arab League Summit thus:

[W]e propose the establishment of a special trust under the name of ‘The Jerusalem Intifada Fund’ with a capital of 200 million US dollars. This amount will be allocated, to the families and the education of the children of the Palestinian martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the struggle.
(That “education” is one that will certainly include the glorification of the violent and racist goals of the children’s parents.)

Read it all here.

Note: Tundra Tabloid reader Daniel mentions: “I suggest they who yet haven’t listened to the answer the president gives to UN Watch take a look at the video. UN Watch gives some facts about UNHRC the President says he will tolerate no more similar statements.”

The UN president’s arrogant statement shows exactly how the UN remains an unchanged organization, with its collective mentality being still stuck in the “Cold War” period.

More: UN is Human Rights Nightmare!

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