Al-Qaida’s Zawahiri Blasts Hamas…….

Al-Qaida’s number two man is upset with Hamas’s Mecca deal, though the agreement doesn’t even call for Hamas’ direct recognition of Israel, renounce terrorism nor acceptence of all previous agreements with Israel.

Zawahiri shouldn’t be so hard on them, Hamas is more than willing to show just how much they don’t accept Israel’s existence. Zawahiri should be breathing a bit easier now.
Does this make Hamas less moderate than the Fatah? Interesting report in the JCPA about the Fatah and Iran. After losing their state within a state (Arafatstan) the “moderate” Fatah helped Iran build the Hezbollah in its place. Now the Iranian’s are busy building a Hamastan in Gaza.
In this crazy portion of the world, partners trade faster than in the Shuk, where : “the price is never what it is labeled as, the quality is not what it appears to be, everything is negotiable, written contracts are less important than personal relationships and a handshake, words and phrases are only for effect.” (Al Avai)
More here. *L* KGS

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