Marzouk: US Divides Arabs Into Moderates And Non-moderates…….

Hamas’ political bureau head, Moussa Abu Marzouk (pictured) said that the US is dividing the Arab region into two camps, one moderate and one non-moderate, the shock and the nerve of it all!

Which camp does he believe the Hamas and all the other ‘like minded’ Palestinian terrorists belong in?

“US is sowing sedition’ among Palestinians”. “Sowing sedition among the peoples and states of the region through dividing the Middle East into two camps: A moderate camp and a non-moderate one.”

What Marzouk is really angry about, is the continued boycott of the Hamas government by the US and Israel — as well as the other 3/4 of the Quartet — due to the Hamas government terrorist entity’s refusal to ‘moderate’ itself, which would mean recognizing Israel, renouncing terror and abiding by all previously signed agreements with Israel.
What Marzouk really wants, is for the ME to be one united camp of non-moderation, meaning a return to Arab rejectionism of Israel, as was spelled out in The three No’s” of Khartoum. “No peace with Israel, No recognition of Israel, No negotiations with it”. More here. *L* KGS

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