Judge Reduces Sentence in Honor Killing…….

In other words, the guy walks after only serving a three month sentence. A Jordanian judge agreed that the 19 yr. old man who was convicted of murdering his divorced sister, warranted an early release, and ” slashed the verdict by half and changed the charge from premeditated murder to a misdemeanor “because the defendant killed his sister in a fit of rage,” in line with Article 98 of the penal code”.

The judge places his sympathies with the convicted murderer over that of the brutally murdered woman, due to his sensitivities being “insulted”, therefore proving once again that, not all cultures are worth protecting.

The true moral of this story is that any male can contemplate the murder of a woman — over the disgracing of family honor, or for any other fictitious reasons– and risk only serving six months in jail, and shows the true value of women in Islamic cultures. Great going you bunch of misogynist neanderthals!

Here is a thought directed straight at the supporters of multiculturalism. Cultures are not equal, people are. More here. *L* KGS

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