What’s Jimmy Afraid of……?

I can’t help but reminisce over a prior statement by UPI analyst, Toby Archer, while reviewing this op-ed by eleven Emory professors that appeared in the online edition of the Emory Wheel.

The UPI British analyst:
“You and your fellow pro-Israeli bloggers have all piled on the Carter book for daring to use the word apartheid, but although the security measures in the occupied territories are not racially motivated like South Africa was, the series of checkpoints, closures, passes to move within the West Bank, roads closed to Palestinians etc. are reminiscent of the outcomes of the apartheid policy – see the map attached to the Economist article.”

But when one looks deeper into the questionable practices employed by Carter in writing “his book”, like plagiarism, use of faulty facts, outright lying and obfuscating the historical record, it only stands to reason why “my fellow pro-Israeli bloggers and I, have piled on the Carter..eh..’thing’.”
UPI analyst, Toby Archer claims that Israel’s security measures in the disputed territories of the WB, “are not racially motivated like S.Africa was, but are reminiscent of the outcomes of the (S.African) apartheid policy”. What a very clever way to “imply apartheid” without really saying so. So what is Toby’s motive in doing so?

What Toby sidesteps, is the fact that Israel has made repeated attempts over the years to reduce inconveniences and/or hardships for the Palestinians, but its always met with an increase in terror. At the height of the Oslo peace process, when Israel was busy handing land over to the PA, Palestinian terrorism directed against Israel was at its zenith.

So while one might be tempted to draw comparisons with S.Africa, the logic fails when viewed under the rubric of security measures (concerning Palestinian movement) being “self inflicted”. What makes roadblocks and check points necessary? …..TERRORISM.

Back to Jimmah.

Carter is totally UNWILLING to debate the findings in his book, which makes Carter’s claim of “the US Jewish Lobby stifling debate” nothing more than a hollow, cheap and mean-spirited attempt to divert attention from his own (Carter’s) lack of intellectual integrity and honesty. That Carter continues to refuse any such debate, is because he knows fully well that his book is as faulty as his logic, “Carter: Israel worse than Rwanda“.

If Carter’s book is valid as he pretends, he would have leaped at the chance to draw attention to it through a series of public debates. This of course drips with irony, for it’s Carter alone , due to his lack of valid debating points who’s responsible for the “stifling of any debate”, not the convenient boogey man called the “Jewish Lobby”. *L* KGS

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