Clowns Like Us, Nasrallah and Ahaminejad Laugh at The West…….

When Hizbullah leader, Sheik Hassan ‘Uncle Nasse’ Nasrallah isn’t busy making a laughing stock of the UNSC’s resolution 1701, (that recognizes earlier calls for the disarming of the Hezbollah) he’s clowning it up on the homefront for his fellow Hezzies.

‘Uncle Nasse’ Nasrallah’s Iranian counterpart, Mahmoud Amhadinejad does one better, he jokingly sings and laughs about his contempt for the UN Security Council.

All jokes aside, when will the sane members of the IC finally wake up and realize that these jokers are making fools out of the West? *L* KGS

Note: The actual clown is Finland’s own Vesa-Matti Loiri

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