Mecca Deal Good for Israel……?

Ron Ben-Yishai writes that Saudi influence in the inter-politics of the Palestinians could reap some benefits for both Israel and the Palestinians at the expense of Iran, but there are allot of sides to this coin as one reads the op-ed in full. The Israeli position vis-a-vis the Hamas remains unchanged however, regardless of the Saudi arrangement.

It’s up to the Palestinians themselves to pressure the Hamas into accepting the demands of the Quartet: “complete recognition of Israel, renouncing violence and full acceptance of all pre-existing agreements with Israel”, anything falling short of that will not suffice. Israel has stated more than once that the ball rests firmly inside the Palestinian camp, only they alone can decide their future.
It’s not a problem for Israel that Hamas is a part of the government, but as long as they hold out, refusing to change their party platform (Israel’s complete and total destruction) they remain a hinderence to the peace process. Read here. *L* KGS

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