War Correspondent Michael Yon Asks………

Do you know what this is? Independent war correspondent, Michael Yon reporting out of Iraq, recently took this picture of an RPG weapon captured by US troops.

“The recent loss of five helicopters in Iraq has caught the attention of the media. Also in the media is all the new talk of Iranian influence on weapons in Iraq, although my readers learned about the issue more than a month ago in Walking the Line (Part Two of Three).
In the face of all this “new” controversy about “foreign” weapons in the battle space, I recalled some of the many photos I.ve taken of caches of weapons captured by Iraqi and American forces in Iraq. The photo above is from one of these.
None of the military persons who’ve seen the photo were able to identify the weapon depicted in it. Do you know what it is?

Michael Yon’s weblog is here. I wonder if this is Iranian in origin, (a literal smoking gun) *L* KGS

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