Muslim Student Union Distrupts Daniel Pipes’ Speech…….

Thuggery on free speech at University of California Irvine. D.Pipes manages the hoodlums rather well, and ends the event with a good question and answer period. Click here for the video. LGF has more video on it here. *L* KGS

Update: The shorter 13min video on LGF of the same event, follows the protesters outside into the court yard of the building, and catches them on tape agreeing that “Israel will one day be wiped off the map.” With our weapons and our jihad we will deflate their moral as we did this night. Allahu Akbar.”

That is what really is at stake here. These people do not believe in the two state solution any more than the Iranians, Hamas or Hezbollah. Very telling indeed.

Note: Another thought comes to mind. If not for the presence of the police, these protesters thugs could have turned violent and inflicted bodily harm on both the speaker and on anyone coming to his rescue. That these MSU members were calling for another Jewish holocaust, speaks more about these (intimidating) anti-Israeli types than anything else. They should be kicked off campus for openly supporting the genocide of another people.

Update: D.Pipes has his own account of it here. Jihad Watch has it here.

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