Seven Iranians caught in Gaza…….

More proof of Iranian involvement inside the areas of the Palestinian Authority. There have been reports of Iran training Hamas terrorists in both Lebanon and in Iran, in preparation for an all out confrontation with both Fatah and Israel. This is another example of outside Iranian interference (also Sunni jihadists) in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which seeks to ensure its continued radicalization at the expense of both sides. The Palestinian movement vis-a-vis Israel, can no longer can be described as solely being one of nationalism.

“The Palestinian version of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, has made their Islamist agenda the focal point in the Palestinian conflict with Israel. This conflict can no longer be defined as being solely a political contest between the two sides. For the Palestinians, the conflict is now seen through a prism of Islamist extremism, where victories are won primarily for Islam, not for Arabs or Palestinians.” More here.

If the international community dithers, thereby allowing the Iranians to obtain nuke weapons, the world will be witness to an even more assertive Iran, as well as increased tension throughout the Middle East. Even without nukes, Iran is inside Iraq helping a totalitarian insurgency to kill US soldiers and civilians (both Sunni and Shi’ia), while Europe and the IAEA sucks its thumbs. If the IC is reluctant to confront Iran now, just think how reluctant it will be when the Mullah’s accept delivery of the first ever Shi’ia nuke bomb. *L* KGS

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