21st Century Mary In Palestinian Clothes…..Really?

The Independent shills for the Palestinian cause with an anti-Israel “Christmas story screed” by Johann Hari “on the plight of pregnant women in the West Bank, where babies are dying needlessly”. Of course Hari leads the reader to believe that any hardship or fatalities that occurs due to Israeli defencive protective measures such as the security fence, road blocks, check points ect., all happen within a vacum, with no outside influences.

The Independent’s failure to provide any kind of context for these “blunt but neccessary” measures, is indeed troubling, because in doing so (providing context) it would have demanded them to include the well-documented evidence of the Palestinian abuse of ambulances, or the arrest in 2002 of a Palestinian terrorist who was dressed as a pregant woman, on her way to commit a homicide suicide murder of Israelis.
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Al Avai adds: This is typical of anti-Israelism that is at its base antisemitism. It takes Mary, who was a Jew living in a land occupied by the Romans, and makes her a Palestinian supposedly abused by Jews. Turns the oppressed Jews of 2000 years ago into the oppressors, and the modern Palestinians into the Jews. On the other hand, I wonder how the modern Palestinian Muslim population would deal with a young woman who becomes pregnant while betrothed to someone else. With all that in mind, Merry Christmas to you.

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