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An Islamist Within Our Midst…….


Finnish state TV, YLE 1 interviewed last night Somali refugee Idris Hassan Farah, concerning the current Ethiopian offensive against the Islamist Court Union (ICU). Farah comes down clearly on the side of the Islamists, declaring that “we have the right to do battle” against the Ethiopian army.

Interestingly enough, the Finnish state police, SUPO, had earlier expressed an interest in Farah to act as its “eyes and ears” inside the Somali community. It was hoped that he would give information on the comings and goings of men traveling back and forth from Somalia, Mosque speeches, and general information that would be of value to the police.

Idris Hassan Farah declined, even if offered help in securing his Finnish citizenship (who has been living in Finland since 1991).

YLE news broadcast transcript:YLE reporter, Ahti Kaario states earlier that: In the Ethiopian capital, locals are devouring the news about the Ethiopian army pushing the Islamist army backwards, Ethiopia supports the provisional Somali government, as do the African Union and the US who support the Ethiopian army’s offensive, but many Somalis do not.”

Idris Hassan Farah [labeled Somali “activist”]:
The Somalis living in Finland are shocked, because over there has been a drought, and earlier a civil war, and flooding and now Ethiopia is occupying.

Kaario: “The Islamists have pacified the areas under their control, but to Christian Ethiopia they are a threat. The Islamists support Ethiopia’s main enemy Etria, and the US suspects that they have connections with Al-Qaida. But Somalis have their own understandings as to Ethiopia’s motives:”

Idris Hassan Farah:
“Ethiopia thinks that if peace comes to Somalia, that Ethiopia and Somalia will go to war because… the Ogaden area they have gone to war there for so many years…”

Kaario: “Are Somalis in Finland leaving for Somalia to fight?”

Farah: Yes!

Kaario: Do you know anyone?

Farah: “If I know I won’t be telling. But of course I do know who, but I won’t tell who they are but they are going and to do battle. We have the right to go and fight…!”

The question still remains, has Idris Hassan Farah indirectly given away his hand, by openly siding with the Islamist Court ( I believe he has), the same group of Islamist fanatics that have resurrected the medieval law system of sharia, that has given rise to brutal beatings, whippings as well as executions in Islamist controlled areas?

The fact that Farah has openly admitted to knowing about men who are leaving to fight on the side of the Islamists, is a serious indicater as to where his loyalties lie and that he knows alot of what would be of interest to investigative police.

I wonder if and when Farah chooses to go and fight for the Islamists, will this prevent Farah from ever getting Finnish citizenship, or better yet, will he or any other “fighter” even be allowed back into Finland? Does one lose his/her refugee status if h/she becomes a participant to the fighting?

The Wall Street Journal has an informative article on Somalia here.

SomaliNet has more on the fighting here.

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