Palestinian Islamists Rob The Cradle…….

The folks at MEMRI have posted a series of images produced by the Izz al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades on their website, that show how the jihadist are abusing their own children. Tiny tots dressed with messages of jihad across their brow, are shown being introduced into the world of violent “Islamist Extremism” through the medium of the Internet, filling their little minds with visions of Kalashnikovs and mayhem, instead of the Middle Eastern version of Sesame Street.

This is a gross example of Palestinian child abuse, pure and simple. I wonder if the international human rights groups are hot on the trail of this story? I am not holding my breath. The institutionalization of the culture of death inside Palestinian society is a well known phenomenon to many of us who follow the ME conflict. Interestingly enough, the media seems to be completely ignorant of it….why? The Finnish media has all but ignored this tragic local cultural acceptance of Palestinian child abuse. This negligence of the western media is intentional, a by product of the faulty, misguided “cultural relativism” that has infected the journalistic profession. Shame on the lot of them. KGS

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