Gothenburg Hit by Blackout And Riots…….

During a power shortage in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, “gangs of youths” took to the streets to take advantage of the darkness to loot local businesses and cause damage and general mayhem. Thanks to LGF, it published a local account of the happening that wasn’t picked up by any of the news wires:

“Tonight there were power shortages all over Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg. “Youth gangs” took the opportunity, spreading the European tradition of “Ramadan Riots.” Within an hour most schools and commercial centers in the north eastern suburbs were vandalized.
– It’s complete chaos in north eastern Gothenburg. “We’ve sent all available police units but there’s no way we can stop the vandalisation,” police spokesman Frank Karlsson tells gp.se.
– Several youth gangs are wandering about smashing windows and breaking into schools, malls, banks and a retirement center.”


The Local made no mention of who these “gang of youths” were, but the people who live in the vicinity are well aware who these youths are, but reports that the riots were less severve than originally reported. Given the location of the mayhem though, these are same gangs that are usually doing the terrorizing on any given day. A very good friend of mine lives near that area, and knows just what is in question, and who was doing the vandalizing, immigrant (or sons of immigrants) Muslim youths. KGS

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