Abbas: Militias Brought Us ‘Death’…….

Interpretation: “Arafatian rule was, and still is, a disaster for the Palestinian people.

The idea of having a legion of competing armed militias answering solely to a corrupt “king pin” (Arafat), who doled out financial dividends according to clannish lines and services rendered, is proving to have been a failed enterprise from the very moment it was conceptualized. The Palestinians have become the poster child for failed national movements, whose national identity has been exposed as being as fractious as the San Andreas fault line.

Abbas addressing the crowd outside Ramallah:

“So far we have about 250 martyrs in the Gaza Strip and thousands of wounded people and destroyed houses. Why? What are the reasons for this? Let’s start searching for the reason for all this.”

Answer: Yasser Arafat and his corrupt cronies of the Fatah, who had no intention of building a Palestinian state.

This of course underlines the stupidity of believing that a dictatorship could ever be a source for stability, which only ended up giving rise to the Islamists, (who are more honest about their intentions) who speak out loud what the majority of Fatah said in private. The eventual destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

Of course Abbas’ words are good news if you take them at face value, shooting “pipes” into Israel has brought them misery, a classic example of “cause and effect”. But as in times past, the Palestsinian leader chooses not to condemn the practice of indiscriminate murder to be wrong, but only that it’s working against Palestinian interests.

I do see the Hamas and Fatah joining forces in a “unity government”, (at least temporarily) that in itself will pose problems to those states in the IC, who really do not want to support the terrorist government of Hamas. That its been the Islamic Jihad doing the launching of the Qassams into Israel does not absolve Hamas from its complicity, that knows fully well all the, who, what, when, where and why’s.

If the Palestinians are sincere about focusing their energies on building a democratic Palestinian state, with the sole intent for it to reside in peace along side Israel, they should start by ending the incitement in their schools, mosques and in their media. That, more than anything else, would help curb the abuses Arafat/Fatah inflicted upon the Palestinian movement, while sending a clear signal to the Israelis that the PLO truly intends to moderate itself. More here. KGS

Hat tip: JG

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