Hezbollah’s Humiliation…….

Further proof that the Israeli operation inside Lebanon has not been in vain. The Jerusalem Post reports that the Hezbollah has removed 14 of its outposts from the vicinity of the Israeli held, Shebaa Farms. I have mentioned earlier that Hezbollah has suffered some serious setbacks, but it wasn’t the “knock out” that both Israel and the US had hoped for.

This latest development has to be viewed very positively by Israel, Lebanon and the international community. If Unifil and the Lebanese army are to be viewed as credible instruments in securing a peaceful border between Israel and Lebanon, they have to ensure that the IC/UNSC is made well aware of any attempted infiltration by the Hezbollah into the vacated region. I view this with a cautious optimism.

The whole Shebaa Farm claim by the Hezbollah was a sham from the very beginning, who never once objected to the UN’s acceptance of Israel’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon as being complete, until awhile later. Syria allowed the Hezbollah canard to go on without any objection, in order to preserve a role for Hezbollah alongside the Israeli border.

We will see the future status of the Hezbollah being dertmined by whether

1.) Damascus begins to demand the inclusion of the Shebaa Farms in any future peace deal with Israel.

2.) Beirut demands that Syria open an official embassey in its nation’s capital.

The former removes any purpose for the Hezbollah to exist as a “resistence movement”, in response to the supposed Israeli “occupation” of Lebanese soil, with the latter making Damascus officially recognize Lebanon as a sovereign state. KGS

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