State Of Denial…….

In this post I include portions of texts by Lebanese writers, Michael Béhé, (for the Metula News Agency), and Dr.Joseph Hitti, (president of the Americans for Lebanon) who offer a differing Lebanese point of view of the conflict, and Hezbollah in particular. It contrasts greatly with the news, opinions we are hearing here in Finland.

Béhé questions whether Lebanon ever truly existed as a sovereign state, even before the outbreak of hostilites. He fervently hopes that the Israelis are truly successful in defeating the Hezbollah, and is under no illusions as to whom the Hezbollah pay their allegiance, not to the supposed “state of Lebanon”, but to the Mullahcracy in Tehran, something that Euro simpletons are in denial about. Finland’s President, leaders in the Central Party lead government,the Finnish Foreign Ministery as well as the UPI, (Finnish foreign policy think tank) hold to the illusion that the Hezbollah enjoys popular support across the political/ethnic spectrum. Dr.Hitti notes that the rest of Lebanese society hasn’t rushed to support the Hez/Iran state of Hezbollahstan, and tells a different story. KGS

State of Denial
The politicians, journalists and intellectuals of Lebanon have, of late, been experiencing the shock of their lives. They knew full well that Hezbollah had created an independent state in our country, a state including all the ministers and parallel institutions, duplicating those of Lebanon. What they did not know–and are discovering with this war, and what has petrified them with surprise and terror–is the extent of this phagocytosis.

In fact, our country had become an extension of Iran, and our so-called political power also served as a political and military cover for the Islamists of Teheran. We suddenly discovered that Teheran had stocked more than 12,000 missiles, of all types and calibers, on our territory and that they had patiently, systematically, organized a suppletive force, with the help of the Syrians, that took over, day after day, all the rooms in the House of Lebanon. Just imagine it: We stock ground-to-ground missiles, Zilzals, on our territory and the firing of such devices, without our knowledge, has the power to spark a regional strategic conflict and, potentially, bring about the annihilation of Lebanon.

We knew that Iran, by means of Hezbollah, was building a veritable Maginot line in the south, but it was the pictures of Maroun el Ras and Bint Jbail that revealed to us the magnitude of these constructions. This amplitude made us understand several things at once: that we were no longer masters of our destiny; that we do not possess the most basic means necessary to reverse the course of this state of things; and that those who turned our country into an outpost of their Islamic doctrine’s combat against Israel did not have the slightest intention of willingly giving up their hold over us.

“Those who speak of the “destruction of Beirut” are either liars, Iranians, anti-Semites or absent. Even the houses situated one alley’s distance from the targets I mentioned have not been hit, they have not even suffered a scratch; on contemplating these results of this workyou understand the meaning of the concept “surgical strikes” and you can admire the dexterity of the Jewish pilots. Beirut, all the rest of Beirut, 95 percent of Beirut, lives and breathes better than a fortnight ago. All those who have not sided with terrorism know they have strictly nothing to fear from the Israeli planes, on the contrary! One example: Last night the restaurant where I went to eat was jammed full and I had to wait until 9:30 p.m. to get a table. Everyone was smiling, relaxed, but no one filmed them: a strange destruction of Beirut, is it not?” more here.

Also another Lebanese writer speaks his mind: Joseph Hitti:

Thank You, Hezbollah
“Thank you, Hezbollah, for showing us that of all the Lebanese people, only Lebanese Shiite men are brave, courageous, and capable of defending the country. There is no need now to ask – but it’s just a thought for the future wars of liberation we are dreaming of – with the unity demonstrated by the Lebanese against the Israeli aggression, why are there no Sunni, Christian or Druze Lebanese men or women joining their Shiite brethren to fight off that aggression, either through their own militias or under the banner of the near-mythical highly organized, highly-trained Hezbollah? Anyway, thank you for showing us that we don’t need a regular army. After all, Lebanon is the Switzerland of the Middle East.” More here.

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