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Anti-Semites Deface Israeli Embassy In Helsinki Finland…….


Equating Israeli policies with that of the Nazis is indeed anti-Semitism.


International bigots struck last Tuesday night in Helsinki, defacing the front of the Israeli embassy with signs of the swastika. This ia a typical tactic used by those who reject the Jewish state, by smearing it with the very same symbol of Nazi cruelty, oppression and genocide. It’s a lie, and a cruel one at that, but its been an effective weapon in the Arab propagandists’ arsenal.


Antisemites under the pretext of demonstrating against the war in Lebanon, use racist symbols that is meant to compare Israel with the Nazis. Nothing could be further from the truth, but to the haters of the world’s only Jewish state, that’s of little concern.


If the anti-Israel hate mongers really want to be accurate with whom they adorn Nazi symbols, they need to look no further than the religious hate entity of the Hezbollah. They don’t have a problem with being associated with Nazi fascism one bit, in fact, they have adopted much of its racist thinking and outward appearances and salutes. While Hitler was determined to destroy the individual Jew throughout Europe, Hezbollah now seeks the collective Jew’s destruction in the Middle East, the Jewish state of Israel.


UPDATE: An article in the Boston Globe expounds the same argument, that the Hezbollah’s main goal is the destruction of Israel, the genocide of its people. Read here.


UPDATE: According to an article in the Finnish daily tabloid, Iltasanomat, not only was the Israeli embassy threatened, but also a store that sells kosher goods, as well as Helsinki’s Jewish community. According to the article, a message was received that stated it hated all Jews, and the problems in the Middle East are direct result of Hitler’s work not being completed. As I said, this was the work of anti-Semites, and thanks to YLE’s program from a few weeks back, that sought to highlight Israeli investment in Finland, the anti-Semites are targeting the Finnish Jewish comunity.

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