Videos Supports Israeli Claims Of Lebanese Civilians Being Used As Shields…….

Video taken on 22.07.06 in Lebanon, of Hezbollah terrorists shooting rockets from behind an apt. house that is similar to the one destroyed in the village of Qana. This most definately supports the Israeli version of events, that Hezbollah terrorists were using the civilian population as shields. The video below proves that the Hezbollah cares little about the human life by parking a mobile rocket launcher in the vicinity of the civilian population. KGS

UPDATE: Christians fleeing from Lebanon denounce Hezbollah:

“But for some of the Christians who had made it out in this convoy, it was not just privations they wanted to talk about, but their ordeal at the hands of Hezbollah — a contrast to the Shiites, who make up a vast majority of the population in southern Lebanon and broadly support the militia. “Hezbollah came to Ain Ebel to shoot its rockets,” said Fayad Hanna Amar, a young Christian man, referring to his village. “They are shooting from between our houses.” “Please,’’ he added, “write that in your newspaper.”

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