Open Letter To Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja…….

Dear Foreign Minister,
This article by Mr. Alan Dershowitz , articulates the need to clearly differentiate between the actions and motives of terrorists who intentionally target civilians, and a society that takes a concerted effort to minimize civilian casualties. Retired Canadian major-general Lewis MacKenzie recently stated in a radio interview on the Canadian CBC;

” Please don’t think me as being cavalier about life here, because I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination, but with the amount of fire power that’s gone into Lebanon over the last couple of weeks, the death toll is unbelievably low in accordance to the delivery of that fire power., which means that the targets are being selected pretty darn closely. Beirut is not being flattened, nor is it being bombarded. I heard one CNN reporter say that”: ‘ I am being bombarded, this area is being bombarded, had six bombs in twenty minutes.’ Mackenzie continues: “Bombardment is six bombs a second, I mean that’s what bombardment is, it means using all the resources that you have.” Radio broadcast here.

Yesterday, Israel responded to Hezbollah rocket launchings from the village of Qana, by informing the village’s inhabitants to leave the area it intended to bomb. Israel then targeted areas within the village that they had intelligence on, that housed Hezbollah fighters and weaponry. The IAF acted under the assumption that the villagers took the notices seriously. Whether Hezbollah restricted their movement, or they decided to stay on their own, Hezbollah deserves full condemnation for the deaths of those civilians.

From JG:

1.) “The tragic loss of civilian life was caused by Hizbollah firing rockets against Israeli from and near civilian houses in Qana. This is a Crime Against Humanity by Hizbollah.

2.) The destruction in Qana is in part based on the presence of Hizbollah explosives in and around houses there:
These Hizbollah explosives which contributed to civilian deaths included but was not limited to rocket fuel, explosives in the rocket warheads.

3.) The use and storage of these explosives in civilian areas by Hizbollah, leading to the deaths of Lebanese civilians is a War Crime.

Europe will be judged harshly by future generations for its moral equivalization of wrong and right, legitimate defense with that of illegitimate terrorism. Such thinking only serves to obfuscate the well known (hammered out) principles of moral justice and legitimate self defense, we need a return to a clear sense of moral clarity.

In the words of US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton;

“The government of Israel, everybody says, has the right to exercise the right of self-defense, which even if there are criticisms of Israeli actions by some, they recognize the fundamental right to self-defense. That’s a legitimate right. Are there any activities that Hezbollah engages in, militarily that are legitimate? I don’t think so. All of it’s activities are terrorist and all of them are illegitimate, so I don’t see the balance or the parallelism between the two sides”

Hezbollah, as well as the other various terrorist groups operating throughout the Middle East and elsewhere, care very little for human life. It’s extremely ironic that a person such as yourself, would fail to see, time and time again the calculated, cynical use of a civilian population, whether it be Israeli, Lebanese or Palestinian, by terrorist groups, whom they intentionally target or hide themselves and their weapon caches amongst.

The question is, do you deny any of this?

Note: Finland chairs the EU presidency, and that Finnish FM, Erkki Tuomioja harbors deep resentment towards both Israel and its policies. Even comparing present day Israeli policies to that of the Nazis during the 30’s. KGS

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