Al-Reuters Shills For Palestinians…….Again

Excuse the cynicism, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Palestinians fall back on their familiar tactic of crying “VICTIM”, in spite of the fact that they have been launching rockets at Israel (with very little response back) for approximately a year. The Palestinians didn’t even wait until after the Israeli pullout before launching their Qassam rockets at Israel, with launchings occuring on the final day of the Israeli disengagement.

Al-Reuters couldn’t wait to further obfuscate the issue, by publishing a piece that focuses on the anger Palestinians feel due to the return of the IDF. Excuse me for laughing out loud, HAHAHAHAHAHA

“Gazans meet Israelis’ return with gunfire, anger”
“They pull out and we think everything will be quiet and good, and now they are back,” said Abu Aish Abu Nasr, a 60-year-old grandfather as he watched events unfold from his house in Beit Lahiya and listened to reports on a small radio. “It’s like nothing changed. They think they can do what they want. But they have to leave, this is our land.”

This kind of knuckle headed reporting is what makes these wire services into a bleeding joke, who have become nothing more than a co-conspirator for the Palestinian cause. Reuters = propaganda. KGS

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