Thunder In The Distance…….

A distant storm is brewing over the abduction of an Israeli soldier last Sunday, with the rumble of tanks and armored troop carriers being heard as they roll into position for a possible incursion into the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians invaded Israel through a tunnel under the Gazan/Israel border, which ended with two Israelis killed and one abducted.

Israel has demanded the return of their soldier, Gilad Shalit, promising to do everything that they can to return him safely back to Israel. It appears that the abduction of Shalit has either inspired another kidnapping, or is a part of a concerted effort by Hamas to force Israel into hard negotiations for Palestinian prisoners sitting in Israeli jails for committing terrorist crimes against Israel.

Whatever the reasons behind both abductions, the Hamas is upping the ante by forcing a confrontation with the IDF. Israel has already stated that the Hamas leadership is not off limits to Israeli retaliation if Shalit is not returned. The next 18 hrs. will determine whether the IDF needs to re-enter the Gaza Strip, and how much the Hamas leadership likes their sovereignty. KGS

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