Hamas: We Don’t Recognize Israel…….

You just can’t get any plainer then that, but the international media (actually the protaganist wire services of al-Reuters, al-AFP, al-AP ect. are the ones proffering the false interpretation, the rest of the media just faithfully parrots their version) shows its ability once more, to read into something that’s not there. In this case, it’s Hamas’ supposed recognizing of the Jewish state of Israel. It never happened.

The BBC:

“The BBC’s James Reynolds in Gaza says that the central point of the joint manifesto is the creation of a Palestinian state on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Traditionally that is one half of a two-state solution, but the existing drafts of the deal make no mention of the second half of this solution – the state of Israel. This omission is deliberate, our correspondent says. While some have argued that this means Hamas tacitly accepts Israel’s right to exist, it is becoming clear that that is not how Hamas sees it.

Hamas negotiators have told the BBC that the entire state of Israel has been built on occupied Palestinian land. They believe that a Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza is a first step – not a final step. They believe that future generations of Palestinians will reclaim all their historic homeland. And that, in the end, there will be no room for what is now the Jewish state of Israel, our correspondent says. “

The media is full wishfull thinkers, who continually try to read into statements and documents something that is just not there. Their reporting at times, mimics their perposterous interpretations of Arab intentions. When will they ever learn? KGS

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