Hamas King Pin, Khaled Meshaal Hands Haniya His Walking Papers…….

I have mentioned previously that Hamas receives its direction(political and spiritual) from abroad, and that any Israeli policy or international forum that seeks to pressure Hamas into reforming, has to take that unpleasant fact into consideration.

Debka File has an interesting analysis on the recent rift between the local Hamas leadership in the disputed territories and their main command in Syria. Even the Hamas command in Damascus is split down the middle due to its leadership being from the WB and from Gaza. I am reminded of JPost’s journalist Abu Khaled Toameh reminding his listeners that :

“The linkage between Gaza and the West Bank is more in the minds of Western diplomats and even Israelis than in the culture of the Palestinians. The West Bank feels more Jordanian, Gaza more Egyptian. They are “two separate entities,” Mr. Abu Toameh said, reporting that in 1994, when Arafat tried to bring Palestinian policemen from Gaza to Ramallah, the Gazans were kicked out in five days. The dialect is different and intermarriage is extremely rare.”

Hamas is fragmented and for the most part marginalized by the responsible states within the international community. The Arabs are well within their rights to vote into power whatever gov’t they choose, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be recognized. KGS

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