Palestinians intentionally Target School Bus, The World Yawns…….

Here is a situation that warrants outrage, three girls wounded by gunfire while riding in a school bus. Now is there any reason to doubt the difference between the intentional targeting of Israeli civilians by the Palestinians, with that of the unfortunate occurance of Palestinians being hurt as a result of terrorists working within their civilian population?

Update on the Gaza beach bombing. HRW’s own military “expert” now believes that the IDF did not shell the Arabs picnicking on a Gaza beach. Saying that:

“…….he was impressed with the IDF’s system of checks and balances concerning its artillery fire in the Gaza Strip and unlike Hamas which specifically targeted civilians in its rocket attacks, the Israelis, he said, invested a great amount of resources and efforts not to harm innocent civilians. “We do not believe the Israelis were targeting civilians.” Garlasco said. “We just want to know if it was an Israeli shell that killed the Palestinians……..”

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